CHAPTER 10 “A Reason to Battle” [English]

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Synop: 10 years ago, Tatsuya Yuuki befriended a boy who taught him all about Gunpla and Gunpla Battle. This manga is currently running in Gundam Ace and tells the story about the GBF world back then, showing Tatsuya’s backstory and progression as an amazing builder and fighter!

Chapter 10: Kaila unleashes her fury on Tatsuya as they enter a battlefield specifically designed by Eleo to handicap him. He struggles to understand his opponent while deflecting her overpowering attacks. The memory of his time with Tooru gives him strength as the entire school watches the Hi-Nu Brave’s debut battle!

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Tatsuya for Norkia !


Tatsuya for Norkia !

Gundam Build Fighters DVD Vol. 1-9

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do you have any cute domestic reiji/sei headcanons? (രᴗര๑) i really miss those two.

(/w\) hello thanks for the cute ask i miss them toooo ;;m;; domestic headcanon hm hm (i’m not really sure what it means though;;)

-reiji borrows sei’s pyjamas

-they share sei’s bed and since reiji tends to hug something when he sleeps, he hugs sei when there’s no extra pillow haha

these are so embarrassing to write ///